CITAA FRANCE, founded in 2012, is an Agro-Food Technology Consulting and Organic Trade Company. Our experienced team of Food Technologists, Food Nutritionists and Dietitians and Food Traders work side by side with your team to deliver the highest quality of service in the shortest period of time possible.

Our areas of expertise :

Agro-Food Technology Consulting

CITAA FRANCE delivers updated and innovated practices in food production for food processing and food trading companies, or third party logistics organizations.

Organic Foods Import/Export

CITAA FRANCE import and exports organic foods that meets compliance with the EU legislation in gerneral and with other trade partners, in particular.


CITAA FRANCE provides an end-to-end sourcing service for foods and organic foods that includes supplier identification and prequalification, quotation management, auditing, product development and testing; contracting and supplier selection, and QC management.

Your expert :

<strong>Justine Yen Phuong </strong><strong>PHAM HUU BOFFO</strong>

Food technologist, consultant and trader.

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