CITAA FRANCE, founded in 2012, is an Agro-Food Technology Consulting and Organic Trade Company. Our areas of expertise :

Agro-Food Technology Consulting

CITAA FRANCE delivers updated and innovated practices in food production for food processing and food trading companies, or third party logistics organizations.


CITAA FRANCE  provides an end-to-end sourcing service for foods and organic foods that includes supplier identification and prequalification, quotation management, auditing, product development and testing; contracting and supplier selection, and QC management.

Organic Foods Import/Export

CITAA FRANCE import and exports organic foods that meets compliance with the EU legislation in gerneral and with other trade partners, in particular.

Your expert :

<strong>Justine Yen Phuong </strong><strong>PHAM HUU BOFFO</strong>

Food technologist, consultant and trader.

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